Luke 16

A steward is accused of mismanagement and fired by his boss.
To make himself friends, he discounts his boss' debts and gets the debtors to pay them off at the lower rate.  The boss commends his shrewdness.
Notoriously difficult to explain!

  • The steward put friendship before money?
  • He (Jesus) reduced the burden (rules) his master (Pharisees) put on the people?
  • He (us) should handle our money which isn't ours but God's with mercy and forethought, not strict justice like the Pharisees would (vss. 14-15).

A rich man and poor Lazarus both die.  Lazarus goes to Abraham's bosom, and the rich man to torment.  He asks for relief and to send someone to his brothers still living to warn them.  Abraham says if they won't listen to the written Word, they won't listen if someone comes to them from the dead, either.

Listen to Abraham and Moses in the Old Testament, and you will find yourself listening to Jesus.
Be prudent yet generous in your financial dealings with people.

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