Joshua 7-9

Israel goes on to attack the next city, Ai, but Achan sinned by keeping some of Jericho's first fruit for himself, so God stymies Israel.  He also enables Israel to discover the sin, and Joshua deals with it faithfully.  Then they defeat Ai, and Joshua does what God said to do in Deuteronomy 27: write the law on Mt. Ebal, and hold a ceremony of blessing and cursing based on the law.  A Canaanite tribe, the Gibeonites, trick Israel into letting them live.  Joshua forgets to seek Gods will in this, and the people complain.

How this is about Jesus
  • Tempted to take for Himself as He began to conquer the land (fulfill His three year ministry), Jesus does not give in, when Achan did.
  • He gives blessings in the beatitudes and curses upon the Pharisees in Matthew 23.
  • He stays one with His Father's will, especially in Gethsemane, instead of doing what He wants.

  • Secret sins will stifle spirituality.  God will see to it that the secret is discovered, but it's up to you to respond faithfully in repentance and/or discipline.
  • Don't deceive others for self interest.  Don't forget to ask God and consult His Word before making major decisions.

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