ISIS Imprecation; Abuse in Church; How Many Kids?

How do we respond to new ISIS videos martyring Christians, and subjugating the nation of the cross?
One thing we do is pray imprecatory Psalms.

Here's a great piece on abuse in the church.  Many are strongly tempted to silence and cover-up, but it is the wrong road.  The statement from the elders is especially good.

A provocative article for some, on how many children you should have.  This article assumes family planning, that we need not leave the decision in God's hands by rejecting any birth control.  It doesn't argue that position.  Many in my circles reject this view, but I still found this article very useful.
"God’s promise to Abraham, to make him the father of many nations, is fulfilled in Christ, expanding the blessing beyond mere physical procreation (John 1:13)"
"Wives can forget that their primary ministry is their husband, especially when children arrive."

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