Luke 9

Jesus sends the twelve out to preach and heal and cast out demons on their own.  Herod hears about it and is haunted by John.  The twelve come back, and Jesus feeds 5000 miraculously.  Jesus clarifies His identity (the Christ) and His mission (crucifixion) with His disciples.  He is then transfigured, as if God Himself confirms this clarification.  After this, and a sensational exorcism, the disciples cannot hear that He will die.  They argue about who is the greatest, instead, and get condescending to those not with Jesus.

Jesus claims to surpass Elijah's ministry: 
  • greater commitment from disciples (not burying father first or looking back from the plow), 
  • more gracious or gentle ministry (not calling down fire), 
  • less comforts than Elijah had (a place to lay his head at the brook)


To be a disciple of Jesus we must know his mission, buy into it, and be committed to following Him.

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