Joshua 4-6

Israel and Joshua set up stones as two altars, one in the riverbed, another on the west side, to remember and tell their children what God did.  Joshua circumcised the whole nation (they hadn't been circumcised for 40 years!), and they keep the Passover.  God's Commander Jesus appears to Joshua, and claims a higher role than Joshua.  God has Jericho's walls crumble just by Israel marching around it.  They destroy everything except Rahab and her family.  As the first fruits of the land all the plunder and people of Jericho belongs to God, not the people.

How this is about Jesus
  • He also gives His people signs as they are about to be commissioned to disciple nations.  Instead of circumcision and Passover, we now have baptism and the Lord's Supper.
  • He is merciful to Gentiles with faith.

  • We must remember Gods mighty acts for us, through the signs He has given us.
  • We are under authority, no matter how high a leadership role we are given.
  • We must fight God's way, even if it seems strange (2 Cor. 10:3-6).

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