Robert Schuller, RIP

So, Dave Ramsey is a pretty good finance advisor, but a lousy theologian.
He gave a glowing eulogy of Schuller, who died recently, on his show yesterday.  He says there's a difference between prosperity theology and positive thinking.  This is true, but both need some correction.  Dave calls critics of positive thinking Pharisees.  But it is not Pharisaical to criticize a preacher who commits to never mention sin in the pulpit - such criticism is biblical.  Dave defends Joel Osteen, which is a real problem in my book.  Of course we can overdo it to worm theology and get stuck there, without living the freedom of forgiveness.  But positive thinking doesn't prosper you automatically.

Al Mohler's review of Schuller was great (starts at about 13:55).  He even quotes from my seminary president, Dennis Voskuil, who wrote a book critiquing Schuller.  To call Voskuil, who I interacted with personally plenty, a Pharisee is laughable.  For ministers of the Gospel to dilute and downplay our sinfulness before a holy God for popularity's sake is tragic.

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