Judges 9-10

Abimelech, one of Gideon's (Jerubbaal) sons, gains political power in Shechem and kills all 70 of his brothers at once, except one named Jotham.  Jotham goes and rebukes Israel for it with a parable on Mt. Gerzim.  He runs away and Abimelech rules for 3 years.  But he loses much support and Gaal comes in and challenges him.  Gaal calls for Shechem to serve the Canaanites who raped Dinah back in Jacob's day (Hamor in Genesis 34:2)!  The mayor of Shechem, Abimelech's second in command Zebul, sends to Abimelech and he conducts a surprise attack on Gaal.  The next day he destroys the whole town of Shechem.  Then he attacks a neighboring city, but a woman throws a millstone down on him and kills him.  This ends the bloodshed, but Jotham's curse has come true.

Tola judges Israel for 23 years from Ephraim.  Jair judges for 22 years from Gilead.
The Ammonites oppress Israel, who cry out to Yahweh in repentance and for deliverance.  God's response is to go ask the gods they've served for years since forsaking Him!  But they are insistent, actually put away those gods, and God "became impatient over the misery of Israel" (10:16).  The armies gather, but Israel wonders who will lead, who will "begin to fight."

How this is about Jesus
  • Jesus is like Jotham in chapter 9 - disobedience leads to oppression leads to infighting among God's people.  This is the story of Israel, and Jotham and Jesus both point out the political silliness and infidelity that result (Matthew 23; 21:13; John 19:11).
  • He also prophesies that Israel won't repent, when they show temporary faith in Him at the triumphal entry.  This pattern happens in Judges 10:10-14, and Joshua 24:19-22.

  • Chaos and violence ensue when a nation forsakes God.  The only real option is a return to oppression and bondage.
  • Mount Gerizim is the place of blessing for Israel (Deut 11:29; 27:12), but their blessing has turned to curses.  What God means for blessing in our lives turns to sources of anxiety and woe, when we aren't faithful.

Jamie Soles - from "Bad Guys 3"
Abimelech killed all his brothers on a single stone
and called himself king
Turnabout - a single stone was sent to take him out
by the hand of a woman

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