Luke 10

Jesus sends out 72 disciples to preach, heal and exorcise demons on their own, with His authority.  If they reject the apostles, they are rejecting Jesus.  When they come back excited, Jesus reminds them that it's more important to be in the kingdom themselves than to do great things.  The kingdom is revealed and accepted by the unexpected.  Many have longed for it to come, and now it is here.

A scribe knows the two greatest commandments, but wants to make sure he's on the way to heaven, so he asks who his neighbor is.  Jesus tells the good Samaritan parable.  Help whoever needs it that comes across your path, no matter their race, gender, etc.

Martha is harried and frustrated that Mary would sit and listen to Jesus instead of get the supper ready with her.  Jesus says Mary has chosen well.


  • Give more thought to your own kingdom membership than excitement to "power encounters" with demons.
  • Obedience to God involves compassion to anyone in need.
  • There is a time to do what needs doing (practical stuff like housework, cooking, going to work), and a time to stop all that and listen to Jesus.

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