Luke 13

Hearing of martyrs for faith should drive us to repentance ourselves.
But God is patient in giving us opportunity to bear fruit.
Jesus heals on the Sabbath and rebukes those who try to shame Him for it.
When asked how many will be saved, Jesus says it's a narrow door, but focuses on making sure you get in yourself.  They will come from all over (29) and many unexpected people will be saved (30).
When told Herod is out to get Him, He remain focused on His mission to die in Jerusalem.  He loves her, though they will reject Him and be forsaken and desolate.


  • Jesus is not distracted from His mission by the crowds' sensational suggestions about martyrs or Herod or speculating on the number of the redeemed.
  • Get on with the work of your repentance and vocation, and leave the world news and its pundits (and even Christian speculation) to themselves.

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