2 Chronicles 33-34

King Manasseh took the throne after his father Hezekiah.
Manasseh undid all Hezekiah's great reforms, rebuilding pagan altars and high places.
But God sent Assyria to plunder Jerusalem and capture Manasseh.  He was taken prisoner to Babylon.  But he repented sincerely and God let him return to reign again.
His son Amon reigned for only 2 years, serving the idols as his father had shown him how to do.

Josiah son of Amon began to reign when he was 8.  When he was 20 he purged Judah of idols.
When he was 26 he started to repair the temple, and found the book of the Law.
He is grieved at Israel's sin, and sends to a prophet to ask about it.
Huldah says God is going to bring disaster for it, but will spare Josiah who had a tender heart.
Josiah holds a public reading of the whole book and leads everyone to commit to worship Jahweh, and turn away from idols.

How this is about Jesus
He is devoted to the Word of God from His youth, too.
He teaches Israel the Word.

Manasseh shows us that even the worst ruler is not beyond the grace of God.  Change is possible.
Josiah shows us that rulers should lead their people to worship the true God, and not remain neutral about it.

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