Isaiah 53-55

God's servant had no physical attraction to draw men to His power, but was despised, rejected, considered afflicted by God.  His piercing was for our sins; His wounds for our healing.
He will justify many through His work, have much plunder, and be satisfied.

The barren woman will have tons of children and need a bigger house.
This means God's people, on whom He will have compassion and restore to righteousness, peace and blessing, along with their children.

Come to the Lord for free filling!  Forsake your sins.
God will rain joy and peace and song on you.

How this is about Jesus
Chapter 53 is a high point in the whole Old Testament as far as speaking of Jesus.  The Ethiopian eunuch was reading this chapter by God's providence when Phillip drew near him (Acts 8).
I enjoy meditating on Christ with 53:11 - that He is satisfied now with His work.

Don't be discouraged by Christian missionaries beheaded - they are following Jesus in the spirit of Isaiah 53.
Rest in God's promises to enlarge His family and rain righteousness and provision on you, for free.

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