2 Chronicles 35

King Josiah keeps Passover, telling the priests to do it, and giving many animals for it.  The Levites and priests had a lot of work!  The singers and gatekeepers were doing their thing, too.

Egypt comes to attack Assyria, and Josiah foolishly confronts him at Megiddo.  He dies from battle wounds, a sad end to the reforming king.

How this is about Jesus
He leads Israel to true worship of God, especially at Passover.
He will conquer at the end time battle at Megiddo, instead of fall to the wicked.

Don't grab a passing dog by the ears, injecting yourself into an argument not your own (Prov. 26.17).
Though we may have bright moments in our lives (Josiah's reforms), we will also have embarrassing ones.

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