Isaiah 62-64

God will build up Zion again and give her a new name, a crown and glory.  God will marry her.
She will be safe and redeemed.

God has trampled peoples in judgment and vengeance, since they had rebelled and grieved His Spirit.
But He led them back safely as our Father through the desert to their home, back to rest.

Come down and make Your name known!
You made Zion a wasteland, but we are the work of Your hand.  Will You leave us in our desolation?

How this is about Jesus
He is the bridegroom who takes His Church as His bride.
He did rend the heavens and come down as the Son of God.  The temple veil was torn at His crucifixion, on which angels were woven representing the heavens and our access to paradise blocked (Genesis 3; Exodus 36:35; 2 Chronicles 3:14).

God will restore the glory lost in the Garden, though we face affliction and adversity now.
We often wonder why God doesn't help us the way we think we need, now, but He has His purposes.

"So you led your people, to make for yourself a glorious name."
Isaiah 63:14

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