Isaiah 45-46

God names Cyrus to do His work for Him.
I have formed him, and he can't argue against doing it.
The wealth of nations will stream to him.
There is no other god to save but Me.
Every knee will bow to Me in loyalty.

You carry your idols around, but I will carry you.
What I plan happens, and I will save Zion.

How this is about Jesus
Cyrus is a forerunner of Jesus: God's appointed servant to deliver Israel.
Jesus carries our burdens and sins at the cross, instead of us carrying idols around.

Don't think you can beat God with your plans - He has already taken your rebellion into His plan to save His people.
You will acknowledge His Lordship eventually.  You might as well come along quietly and live with Him as Lord now.

Isaiah 45:21
"there is no other god besides me,
a righteous God and a Savior."

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