Isaiah 56-58

Don't let foreigners stay away from Me - My house is for them, too.  Their hope is not cut off.
Israel's leaders are blind, without a voice to warn of danger, selfishly devouring the sheep by indulging in wine and hard liquor.

The righteous rest, but you idolators weary yourselves with your false worship.
You burn with lust (perverted SEX), slaughter your own children (ABORTION).
Can your idols save you like I can, when trouble comes?
I will restore and speak peace to My Israel, though she has been rebellious to this day.
Some will heed and rest, but others will have no peace in their continued wickedness.

Don't use your fast days to oppress the poor and serve yourself all the more.
If you help and feed the poor, and direct your desires to God instead of yourself on the Sabbath, then God will bless you.

How this is about Jesus
56 - He quotes verse 7 when Israel's leaders devour the sheep and degrade the Gentile worship area as an animal and money exchange.
58 - He speaks against oppression of the poor, and sincerity of worship.

Self-serving leadership is a recurring problem in the church.
The West's idolatry is obvious in our sexual perversions and abortion holocaust.
Our selfishness is evident in doing what we want on the Sabbath (Lord's Day), instead of spending it with the Lord and His people.

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