Micah 1-3

1 - God is going to come and stamp on you for Israel's sins - her idols and prostitutes
2 - woe to those who pre-meditate oppression and wickedness and then do it.  You drive women and children from their homes and pass around the wine and beer.
3 - woe to the rulers who flay and fleece their people, to the prophets who seek their own gain.  Prophet, priest and king are all in it for themselves while claiming the Lord is with them so no disaster will come.

How this is about Jesus
He also rebuked the teachers and priests for their selfishness and hypocrisy.
He is God - He did come bringing judgment (to Jerusalem in 70AD) - but teaching and sacrifice came first at the cross.

Rulers and spokesmen need to take special heed to act with integrity, not taking advantage of people.

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