Romans 13 - When to Resist the Governing Authorities

Don't resist or ignore the government.  Pay your taxes, and honor those in office.
Avoiding owing people money, but always consider yourself in debt to love others, which fulfills God's law.
Live urgently, turning away from sensual indulgence and turning TO Jesus Christ.

How this is about Jesus
He kept the law by loving God and loving His neighbor, by avoiding sensual sin and turning to His Father (Matthew 4).

A controversial topic: when is it okay to resist the government?  Daniel and His friends do so with commendation from Scripture, so this is not an absolute, no-exceptions rule.  It seems the rules of just war apply.  You may resist if there is a reasonable chance of success, when the government is being a terror to good, when much harm is being done by the government's policy.  You MUST resist when it asks you to commit idolatry or otherwise explicitly disobey God's Word.

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