Romans 16

I commend Phoebe to you - a servant of the church.  [She must have carried the letter to Rome.]
Greet everyone there for me; the churches of Christ greet you.
Don't tolerate the divisive or flatterers.
God will crush Satan under you soon.
Timothy, Tertius the secretary who wrote the letter, Gaius (Paul's host), Erastus (the city treasurer) and others greet the Romans.
God can strengthen you according to the Gospel I preach - to Him be the glory through Jesus Christ!

How this is about Jesus
He unites the church in one communion.
He crushed the snake first, and will see it done in our life together as the church.
He gets the Father much glory through His work for and in the church.

Communication between churches in different areas is important to maintain our sense of the church beyond our locality.  God is bigger than what is happening HERE.
We need to acknowledge the work that others do for the Kingdom of God.
We need to stay away from and not tolerate those that work against the Kingdom in the church.

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