It seems like it happens every year.  I try to assert a moderate position on whether or not to celebrate Halloween and its origins.  And someone dogmatically says it's evil and Christians should have no part of it.

This article helpfully applies Scripture to the issue.

This is an area where different experiences are going to lead people to different conclusions about what they should do.  If your neighbor is a witch with spooky stuff going on that's more than decorative, you'll tend toward one view.  If all your Halloweens have been about Superman costumes, visiting Grandma's house, and getting candy, you'll tend another way.  (I think a better alternative is to hold a Reformation Day party, by the way.)

Give each other a break on this one, people, okay?

This 3 minute cinematic poem has been a favorite of mine.

For a longer and more academic look, see Steven Wedgeworth's fine article, here.

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