God calls Hosea as a prophet and tells him to marry a prostitute.
This is a sign to Israel that they are behaving as a prostitute, not faithful to God.
Her leaders pursue wine and women, her people worship idols like pagans.
They seek salvation from Egypt and Assyria, while giving lip service and hollow repentance to God.
God won't forgive Israel (Ephraim), but He will forgive Judah.
He desires mercy, not just sacrifice (6:6).
His heart cries out at the thought of judgment, and He has mercy instead (11:8-9).
Death has no sting if God decides to redeem, but He leaves Ephraim to be judged (13:14-16).
God will heal their backsliding and restore their soul and land.

How this is about Jesus
He quotes 6:6 in Matthew 9:13.
He is the faithful Groom purifying a dirty and impure bride.

God's rebuke of Israel's indulgence is quite relevant to the church in our day in the West.
His compassionate heart comes through (11:8-9).
But also God makes a distinction within the Church, saving the wheat and judging false sons in her pale.  Solemn warning is mixed with declarations of forgiveness and coming restoration.

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