Isaiah 43-44

But you won't be hurt by water or fire as I redeem you.
The blind and My Servant will witness of Me, that only I save.
I will do a new thing, making a way in the sea and the desert.
But you didn't call to Me, but burdened Me with your sins instead.
I will forgive you, but you have sinned and I will punish you.

I will pour My Spirit on you.
There is no other god besides Me.
Men make an idol out of the same log they cook their food with - idolatry is folly.
I set up the sky, and I will people Jerusalem again.
I will get Cyrus to shepherd My people back and build Jerusalem again.

How this is about Jesus
He witnesses to God's truth and glory.
He provides God's forgiveness, and foretells God's punishment.
He pours out the Spirit on His people, after ascending to heaven.

Isaiah foretells
- Cyrus by name, well before his time
- Pentecost, even further in the future.
We should look to creation to see God's power, when we doubt He will deliver us.
Since we use physical things, like burning wood, we should be careful not to trust them as we do God

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