Isaiah 47-49

Babylon, you're going to be stripped of your finery and be degraded.
I gave My people into your hand and you were ruthless.
Let your astrologers and sorcerers try to save you - they have no power.

Israel, you still cling to your idols.  I foretold brand new things, so you wouldn't claim to have known it already, or given credit to your idols.  I alone do these things!
If you had listened to Me, your blessing would have covered the earth.
Leave Babylon as you left Egypt - I gave you water from the rock then, remember?

God called me by name from the womb and gave me words like a sword.
At times it's seemed in vain to speak, but now God makes me a light to the Gentile nations, too, to bring them to the Lord.
I will gather Israel from the four winds again, though she thinks I've forgotten her.
The land will be too small for all My people, and they will wonder where they all came from.
I will rescue you from those who devoured you.

How this is about Jesus
Only Jesus saves, as God claims for Himself that power.
49 - He is the light of the world (John 8:12).  He will gather His many people from afar for blessing (John 5:25-28).

47 - Don't be afraid of those who have earthly power and hostile motivation to harm us, as Christ's people.
48 - God is the one who allows such things to refine us.
49 - Our call is to speak and testify to the truth, even when it seems vain to do so.

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