Isaiah 39-40

Diplomats from Babylon visit Hezekiah, and he foolishly shows them everything Israel has.
Isaiah foretells doom, but Hezekiah selfishly shrugs, since he'll be dead and gone by then.

God wants His prophet to speak comfort and peace to Jerusalem.
God is coming to You with reward and to shepherd you.
Who's going to tell God what He can't do, when He measures the oceans by the width of His hand?
Are you going to compare God to an idol made out of wood, when He set up the sky like a tent?
So you think God doesn't see you, or can't help you?
If He strengthens you, you don't get tired.

How this is about Jesus
Unlike Hezekiah, He takes responsibility for Jerusalem's fate.  He lays down his life instead of asking for more life.

40 - He is the One who comes, who shepherds Israel, who gives strength.

This chapter is all about comfort, in the rough way we sometimes comfort others - with rhetorical questions meant to hammer home comforting truth of God's omniscience, omnipotence, and compassion.

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