Romans 14

Don't argue over doubtful and minor things, judging, condemning or despising people over such issues.  If a fellow Christian is upset by what you eat or drink, don't stick it in his face and press the point.  Your freedom isn't hindered, but you should be more willing to walk delicately where there are delicate consciences.

How this is about Jesus
He was very patient while men wondered whether He was the Messiah.
He was angry with those who condemned people over minor issues like healing on the Sabbath.

Be careful what you judge people over.
We cannot avoid making judgments, but we can be slower to arrive at them, and gentler on the way.  That way we have time to let emotions cycle through, and think more clearly about whether this issue is worth it.

Alcohol is a Romans 14 problem in the church these days.  Those advocating total abstinence don't think this chapter applies.  They say alcohol consumption is doubtless a sin or unwise leading to sin.  Those who favor alcohol consumption very often violate this text by despising abstainers.  Neither is right, but Romans 14 definitely applies to this issue (verse 21).  I would guess that 90% of the Christian world needs correction in their thoughts and position and demeanor toward others on this issue.

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