Isaiah 59-61

You have blood on your hands, you oppress the poor, weaving webs of deceit and lies.
So you are blind and separated from God.
God is displeased, and comes with salvation Himself.  The Redeemer will come.
God's covenant with Israel is that the Spirit will not leave that Redeemer.

God is going to restore Israel to her glory.
Camels bearing wealth will come from the nations.
You'll have no threat or violence, but rather light and peace.  God will be your light and glory.
You will be My branch that I plant.

God's Spirit is on Me to bring His liberty, favor, and healing to Israel.
He clothes His people with salvation and joy like a bride and groom dress for a wedding.

How this is about Jesus
59 - Notice each person of the Trinity is related to God's covenant people:
The Promiser (Father, God), Promised (Redeemer, Son), and Pledge (Spirit in His mouth).
60 - Jesus is the light of the world, not just for Israel.  He is the branch (vine).
61 - Jesus quotes this text at the beginning of His ministry, applying it to Himself.  The Spirit was indeed on Him!  This is also a strongly Trinitarian text.

It never ceases to amaze me how the prophets could rebuke Israel strongly for their sins one moment, and promise restoration and grace the next.  Getting greater grace means stronger sensitivity to sin.

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