Isaiah 65-66

I plead with My people all day to stop their idolatry and rebellion, but they don't stop.
I'll save, bless, feed and water My People.  But you rebels will get the opposite.
I create a new heavens and earth where you will live long with no violence or calamity.

God looks with favor on the humble and contrite of heart, who trembles at His Word.
But when you reject Me, all your "right worship" is just idolatry to Me.
Zion will bring forth a nation in a day.
God will judge idolators, but gather His people to Jerusalem.
Some Gentiles will come in, too, and even be priests.
But in the end rebels will have only carnage and death left, forever.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus quotes the last verse of Isaiah to refer to hell, in Mark 9.

We have the hope of a new heaven and earth to look forward to, where righteousness dwells, where all nature is restored to peace and harmony, where all rebels are removed from resisting God and harrying His people!

Isaiah 66:12
I will extend peace to her like a river,
and the glory of the nations like an overflowing stream

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