Acts 24-28

24 - Paul makes his defense before Governor Felix, who puts him off and keeps him in jail.  His wife is Jewish, so he knows about the Way, the rise of the Christians.
25 - When a new governor, Festus comes, he wants to make nice with the Jews, and they want to try him in Jerusalem (ambush and kill him before he gets there, actually.)  Paul appeals to Caesar.
The Jewish puppet King Agrippa comes to meet the new governor, and they talk about Paul.  Agrippa offers to familiarize Festus with the Jewish customs to better understand the case and charges against Paul.
26 - Paul appears before Agrippa and Festus, and tells his story: a Pharisee who persecuted the Way, then saw Jesus on the Damascus Road, then was persecuted by the Jews himself.  Festus thinks Paul is crazy, but Agrippa's take is that he is innocent and shouldn't have had to appeal to Caesar.
27 - They send Paul to Rome by sea, and Luke goes along.  But a storm comes up and wrecks the ship on Malta.  Everyone survives thanks to Paul's guidance, as he is led by the Lord.
28 - On Malta, a snake bites Paul, but he isn't hurt.  He heals many and they winter there before going on to Rome.  Christians meet him on the way.  Paul assembles the Jews to explain himself right away.  He preaches the Gospel to them.  Some believe and many don't.  He quotes Isaiah about their stubbornness at them, and continues preaching to all.

How this is about Jesus
He uses the Roman legal system to get Paul to Rome to testify of Him.

God's providence extends from storms to trials and charges in court, to thrones.  He is working all things together for His kingdom expansion and His glory.

Chapter 27 reminds us of Jonah in the storm - taking the Gospel to Gentiles.

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