Romans 8

There is no condemnation for you, because you have the Spirit of life.  Jesus has fulfilled the requirement of righteousness for you, and we live it out by the Spirit.  You no longer live by the flesh but by the Spirit, who raised up Christ from the dead.
So we are obliged to live by the Spirit, since He has made us sons of God, and heirs.

Our current suffering doesn't compare to the coming glory.  All creation groans for it.  As we hope and pray, the Spirit intercedes and God works everything for our good.  He will glorify in the end, those He predestined from the beginning, those He calls and justifies now.

So how can anyone or anything be against us or separate us from His love?  He gave His Son Jesus to DIE for us, so His promises  to make us heirs won't fail.  Even if we are killed we conquer.

How this is about Jesus
His resurrection is proof that God is powerful to change our dead and sinful hearts by the Spirit.
His death is proof that God will see our salvation through to the end.

Are you living by God's Spirit, groaning for complete removal of sin?
Take comfort that nothing can separate you from His love.

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