Romans 7

When a husband dies, the widow isn't bound to him anymore.  So when you die in Christ, you are not bound to the law anymore.
Is the law bad, then?  No, it promises life and shows the right way.  But with that comes condemnation when we sin.
For I know myself, that I keep doing what I know to be wrong, though I want to do what is right.
I remain wretched in this body of death (sinful tendencies) - who will deliver?  God, through Jesus!

How this is about Jesus
Since we died in Him, we are free from the curse and condemnation of the law.
He teaches us the right way, not just to condemn but to guide.
He will yet deliver us from our current sinful tendencies.

We should feel free from the punishment we justly deserve by the law, because of the death of Christ.
We should experience an ongoing struggle against the sin remaining within us, and look to Jesus for deliverance from it.

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