1 Corinthians 1-4

Chapter 1
I thank God for enriching you with gifts of speech and knowledge. Don't get divided by following earthly men. I preached Christ to you without eloquence at first. Christ is folly to the world, but is God's wisdom. He didn't call many with worldly wisdom, so that we wouldn't boast in it, but only in Christ.

Chapter 2
This is why they crucified Jesus - they couldn't and can't understand Him.

CHapter 3
You are still in the infancy of the flesh, jealously following personalities. We are all working toward the same harvest, and the last day will reveal the value of each one's work. Also all things are yours, so don't be jealous of others.

Chapter 4
You brag of being rich and strong while your spiritual betters go about weak and poor. What are you thinking?

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