Chapter 1
Titus, my son, you are in Crete to appoint elders who have integrity and can teach and correct doctrinally. Silence the Judaizers who teach error for their own profit.

Chapter 2
Teach sound doctrine: the older to be reverent, the women to train the younger women to help and love their families, the young men to have self-control. (Note: this is doctrine!) Be an example yourself. Employees: no complaining or embezzling. These things also adorn true doctrine. God's grace saves us from our passions and purifies us. Use your authority to assert and advance these things.

Chapter 3
Be submissive and peaceable to earthly rulers. You were saved from malice and discontent, not by what we did, but by the Spirit who washes us, by Christ who saves us. Teach these things while avoiding unprofitable arguments. Leave and reject a divisive person. Be fruitful in good works..

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