2 Corinthians 9-13

Chapter 9
I stuck my neck out saying you would give, so don't embarrass me. When I come, give willingly. If you sow generously, you will reap generously.

Chapter 10
Our ministry is spiritual warfare, taking all thoughts captive to Christ. We are of Christ as you are. Our authority over you is for your good; our appeal to you is not overdoing it, for we came to you with the Gospel first. Recommendations from others don't matter; only from the Lord. Don't seek approval from men, but from the Lord.

Chapter 11
Put up with me for a while; you put up with other speakers who preach a different gospel, just because they speak well. I may not speak as well, but I have knowledge. Should I have charged you, so you felt you were getting a top-notch conference speaker? They claim to be under our auspices, preaching the same gospel, but they preach a different message. This makes them Satan's servants, not God's. If you think me less wise than others, let me speak as a fool for a minute! I'm more debased than anyone. I excel in suffering more than all. I serve more than all. I'm in danger more, I'm weaker than all!
Chapter 12
I've had more amazing visions - caught up to 3rd heaven of paradise. It ain't bragging if you do it, and I did. But I don't boast anyway - it doesn't do any good and brings pride. To keep me from boasting God gave me a thorn in the flesh. I asked Him to take it away, but He didn't - giving grace in it, instead. This shows God's power in my weakness. I'm afriad when I come I will find some of you unrepentant.
Chapter 13
I won't spare the unrepentant when I come, since you want me to be strong. Test and examine yourselves, so I don't have to exercise my authority to do so when I come. Aim for restoration, peace and fellowship among your selves, through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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