Honestly tired of crafting

Now that (almost) all the gifts have been given, here's the run-down of what I made this year for gifts:

1 footprint reindeer shirt
1 handprint necktie
2 knitted button-on neckwarmers

1 knitted pair kid mittens
1 potholder (from felted sweater)
1 "Margaret" sling bag
15 felt cardinal ornaments
1 felt penguin ornament
2 canvas tote bags
1.25 pairs knitted socks
1 knitted balaclava
2 pairs pajama pants (from old plaid flannel shirts)

1 cork board

and best of all... I finished the quilt I started 10 years ago! King size, hand-quilted, machine pieced on my grandma-in-law's antique Singer that only did straight stitches. Whew!

I honestly hope not to see another needle, thread, or skein of yarn for a while!

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