Chapter 1
We thank God for your faith and pray He strengthens it. He has put you in the Kingdom of His Son, who is the image and fullnes of God, the reconciler of all things by His death on the cross. He did this so you would be holy before Him.

Chapter 2
This is what I'm working toward, praying you aren't led astray by false teaching. You have all you need in Christ: wisdom, circumcision, new life, forgiveness of sins. Don't worry about others' religious abstinence from foods or observance of days. They won't advance your piety.

Chapter 3
Fix your heart and mind on Christ in heaven, your source of life and hope. Get rid of every sort of sin. Put on every virtue, and Christ's peace and word as you encourage each other. Live in a godly way in your family and at work, serving the Lord, not others.

Chapter 4
Pray for us. Be careful how you act toward unbelievers. I send my Tychicus and your Onesimus to you. Jews - Aristarchus, Mark, and Justus - and Gentiles - Epaphras, Luke, and Demas - all greet the Colossian believers. Greet Nympha and the church that meets at her house. Tell Archippus to carry out his ministry. Grace be with you.

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