2 Peter

Chapter 1
Peter, to the faithful in Christ: grace and peace in knowing Christ. He has given us all we need - His promises - to escape worldly corruption. Make your election sure by exercising self-control and godliness. I'm reminding you of things you know already; I'm passing away soon. We aren't passing on fancy stories; we saw Jesus' glory at His transfiguration, and now we have an even more sure witness: the revealed Word of God from the Spirit, moving men to write.

Chapter 2
But you will have false teachers among you, usually following their sensual passions. God knows how to judge and punish the wicked, and how to rescue in mercy the faithful. The false teachers are blasphemous, deceitful, greedy loose canons, wallowing in filth like pigs.

Chapter 3
The day of the Lord will come, contrary to scoffers who ridicule it. He is patiently waiting for and wanting your repentance so He doesn't have to come in judgment against you. He will destroy the heavens and lay bare the earth with fire before bringing in a new heavens and new earth in righteousness. Be diligent to abide in Christ so you are saved when He returns. Read what Paul says about your salvation, though it can be hard to understand. Don't be carried away by error but grow in the grace of Jesus.

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