2 Corinthians 5-8

Chapter 5
Death will just be swallowed up by life, being home with the Lord. We are ambassadors for Christ, through Whom God reconciles Himself to the world, not counting our sins against us.

Chapter 6
Don't receive God's grace in vain. We are suffering for you, in Christ; open your hearts to us as we have to you. Dont' fellowship with unbelievers - separate from them. Cleanse yourself of every defilement, body and spirit.

Chapter 7
I don't regret my letter grieving you, for it bore fruit. Titus has comforted us with news of your faithfulness, and I am confident of you.

Chapter 8
The other churches of Macedonia have given generously. Since you excel in everything else, do so here, too. Christ was rich and became poor for you. Return the favor in His Body, the Church. Share the burden and blessings equally, as they did when manna fell from heaven. Titus is coming to you with this letter, and others.

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