2nd Day of Christmas

Our family celebrates the 12 days of Christmas (1st day is Dec 25) which lead up to Epiphany (Jan 6). This allows us to spread out the Christmas season without all the "pressure" being on Christmas day. It's a good thing for us this year considering the water damage we had to deal with, which left us little or no time for Dec. 25 preparations.

Each night after supper the children hunt all over the house to find the wise men which go with our nativity. Every day the wise men get closer and closer, finally finding the baby King Jesus on Epiphany. To make things a bit more fun, there is usually a note to the kids from the wise men, along with a little gift or surprise for the day (trip to a museum, etc). For the frugally-aware among us, you'll quickly recognize this as a chance to take advantage of after-Christmas sales too!

Today the camels forgot their toothbrushes and had to go back for them, so the wise men were very close to their point of origin (storage closet). They gave light-up toothbrushes to the children. They're more excited about their flashing toothbrushes than any other gift they've received so far!

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