2 Timothy

Chapter 1
Paul to Timothy: guard the trust and fulfill the ministry given you. Fan it into flame!

Chapter 2
Be a hardworking, patient, dutiful workman. I also am suffering for the gospel and the elect. Don't fight over trivialities, or allow eror. Correct and teach gently and patiently.

Chapter 3
There will be many ungodly in these last days, but you must imitate my life and hold to my doctrine. Continue in the Scriptures you have learned, which are effective to edify all.

Chapter 4
Preach the Word! I'm passing away, having fought the good fight. Come before winter if you can, with my cloak and books. Watch out for Alexander; he opposes the gospel strongly. I had my first hearing, and no one stood with me. But it's all right; I was delivered for now.

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