Acts 13-14

The Spirit sends Saul and Barnabas off to do His work. Apparently, they knew where to go, somehow. In Cyprus, they meet Paulus, a Roman high official, whose name Saul takes. When he believes, Paul appears to adjust his strategy to focus more intentionally upon the Gentiles, while not neglecting to go the Jews first. We can tell by what he does when the Jews in Pisidian Antioch reject the Gospel. Note, though, that Paul has learned his evangelism sermon from Peter, quoting the same texts - Psalms 2 and 16.

Paul and Barnabas are now persecuted from city to city, as the Jews get the city officials or a mob in each place to harm him. They get a different response from the Greeks to healing a man than the Jews: they are worshiped as gods. Then the Jews come and convince them to stone them. Talk about a fickle mob.

As they return through the cities where they converted men to Christ, they follow up, strengthen the churches, and appoint elders in every church.

Application: Paul remains steadfast and doesn't stop, in the face of intense opposition, even when it means physical harm. How often do we stop living our faith or speaking of it, when faced with mild disapproval from others?

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