Chapter 1
Trials test and strengthen your faith, so rejoice in them.
Ask for wisdom. Don't follow your desires into sin.
All gifts come from God, who made us be born again into a new creation.
The implanted word helps you resist temptation, if you apply it, instead of letting it bounce off your forehead.
True religion acts, it doesn't just feel or believe.

Chapter 2
Don't be partial to the rich. Show mercy in judgment, as you will be judged with the measure you use. Your faith will be shown, proven (justified) by your works.

Chapter 3
The small tongue greatly reveals the heart of evil in us. Taming it is impossible. We speak both good and ill from the same tongue, which is unnatural. Wisdom leads to a harvest of righteousness; evil bears fruit antithetical to this.

Chapter 4
Our worldly desires create all kinds of problems. We must deny them and humble ourselves to draw near to God. Speaking evil of others is the opposite of this. So is boasting in your future accomplishments.

Chapter 5
The rich must remember the poor instead of exploiting them.
Patience in tribulation is needed, while waiting for the seed of the Word to sprout.
Sing when cheerful. Pray and confess sin when sick. Righteous prayer does a great deal.
Restoring a sinner is a great work.

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