1 Corinthians 9-12

Chapter 9
Paul has a right to be paid by the Corinthians, but he didn't ask for it, to not stumble them. So why are you glorying in things that will stumble others? Run as an athlete straining to win the prize.

Chapter 10
After Israel was saved they fell back into idolatry and sexual sin, too, just as you are doing. Watch out! You participate in idols' feasts and Jesus' feast, both. Do what builds others up, not just whatever you may do. You MAY do what you want (vs 39), unless others perceive you endorse idolatry, or unless you will offend them. Imitate me (Paul) in this.

Chapter 11
Maintain male/female distinctions in worship, according to culturally appropriate practices. Don't divide by faction or family for the meal. Regard Christ's whole body at the Supper in how you eat. You are proclaiming His death, breaking bread He called His body, drinking wine He called His blood! So think about what you are doing, and why. Then God won't have to punish you as He is doing now.

Chapter 12
God designed our spiritual gifts to work together, like body parts in a body. Each needs the others. We are one in Christ, in the Spirit, in our baptism. We each have needed gifts, and need others.

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