1 Peter

Chapter 1
You have an inheritance waiting for you in heaven, even if you go through trials here on earth for a time. Prophets and angels have searched for a long time to figure out the salvation you have received. So be holy and fear your God who is holy, for He redeemed you with the blood of His Son. So love each other sincerely.

Chapter 2
You are like stones being built into one spiritual house of God, Jesus the cornerstone. God has called His people, nation, race into existence from the darkness and brought you into its light. So abstain from worldly passions, and be honorable among outsiders. Obey earthly rulers. Don't abuse your freedom, but live as free. No sympathy for those who suffer for doing evil. And if for doing good, then you are following Jesus. His suffering brought your healing.

Chapter 3
Wives, obey your husbands, even if they aren't believers - you may win them without any words, but only by your respectful and pure actions. Don't adorn yourselves with a showy outside but with a virtuous inside. Husbands, understand and honor your wives, co-heirs with you in Christ. In your suffering be ready to explain your faith and hope. Christ also suffered, then preached His victory to the dead from Noah's time. He was saved through water, just as you in your baptism. Jesus has gone into heaven with all authorities subject to Him.

Chapter 4
Use your gifts to serve each other. When you suffer for doing good, you glorify God, and bring needed judgment/discipline on yourselves.

Chapter 5
As an elder, I tell you elders to shepherd the flock willingly, not for profit or power. Be humble to one another, and wary of the devil, who is out to kill you. Many of your brothers in Christ are suffering similarly, throughout the world. Stand firm in God's grace. The church in Babylon/Rome greets you. Greet each other.

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