Chapter 1
I thank God for you, and long for your presence with me now, and your purity on the last day so you are ready and fit for Christ. My imprisonment has advanced the Gospel. My possible death doesn't faze me, but I think I will live through this one. Imitate me, having no fear of your opponents, which is a sure sign to them of their condemnation and of your salvation.

Chapter 2
If Jesus means anything to you, be like-minded and humble as He was, even to death. God exalted Him because of it. Obey God without complaining, so you stand out in a sinful world. Rejoice, instead. I send Epaphroditus to you, for you were rightly worried about his illness; I hope to send you faithful Timothy soon.

Chapter 3
Rejoice! Watch out for Judaizers. I could be one, having all the credentials they care about, but it is all junk next to knowing Jesus, being known by Him, and having His righteousness by faith, not works. But I'm not pefect yet. Do as I do: press on toward the goal, keeping your focus in heaven where your citizenship is, from which comes the power to transform and glorify you, to be like Christ.

Chapter 4
Tell Euodia and Syntyche to agree. Everyone else: help them come to agreement. Rejoice! God is near. Don't worry about anything; pray about everything. God's peace will guard you (Numbers 6:24-26). Thanks for your gift, though I've learned to be content in our all-sufficient Lord. God will meet your needs as you have met mine. Greet the saints. Those with me greet you. The grace of Jesus be with you.

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