Christmas surprise

We visited family in MI last week - and enjoyed having 24"+ of snow fall on us while there! We drove in during a snowstorm that gave about 4-6", four days later 8-10" fell, then 2 days after that a day-and-a-half long blizzard dumped another 12". We snuck out inbetween snowstorms. With all that snow, Steve got some snowmobiling in but I didn't get a chance to go XC skiing (apparently it's still muzzleloading season, which could definitely put a damper on things, especially since I'm given to ski with my hands on my head like antlers.)

We returned home, looking forward to a relaxing Christmas week, but found our washer had leaked a TON down to our dining room. Ugh. Wet. Stinky. Mess. Scrap those last minute pre-holiday plans! We did manage to buy and decorate a small tree (only 3 left in the lot!) between clean ups. Five gallons of water were vacuumed out of the carpet, then we got smart and just cut it out and drug its sorry stinking self out of the house. Very little was ruined outside of the ceiling and carpet; just the dining table and chairs, my (favorite!) bible, and a book I borrowed from a friend (sorry Christa!).

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