1 Timothy

Chapter 1
Timothy, my son, you are in Ephesus to correct bad doctrine that distorts and misuses the Law and is contrary to the Gospel. I received grace to show God's patience and mercy to future believers, to whom He sent me. Fight this good fight.

Chapter 2
Pray for rulers to bring peace and quiet. Jesus is our one mediator with God. Have the men pray with hands raised to God. Have the women dress and act modestly, not showy and loud, nor having authority over men, for it was not so since the beginning.

Chapter 3
Elders must have integrity, be able to teach, and lead their families well, if they are to lead the church. Deacons must have integrity, hold to the truth, and lead their families well. This is how the church should be set up, which is God's household. This mystery of Christ is marvelous: Christ was revealed, vindicated, proclaimed, believed upon, and exalted.

Chapter 4
Reject those in error; forbidding certain food or giving credence to silly myths. Teach truth boldly, not letting people dismiss or pooh-pooh you because of your youth. Read and teach the Word. Watch your own life and doctrine.

Chapter 5
Treat the church as family, but have family care for widows first, so the church isn't burdened. Honor your elders, especially those preaching, with reward for their labor. Don't suspect them quickly, but when they are sinning, rebuke it publicly, since they are examples. Be impartial, not letting sin go among elders because you are friends. Drink some wine, not just water - it's good for you. Some sin is obvious, others show up later.

Chapter 6
Don't use your common faith to take advantage of others in work relationships. False teachers and contentious people are discontent, but godliness brings contentment. Keep the faith and fight the fight until Jesus appears - the king of kings. Don't let the rich get snooty or trust in their wealth, but call them to use it in doing good. Guard the truth and avoid the enticements of "secret knowledge."

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