Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21

The women come to the tomb after the Sabbath to anoint Jesus' body. The angel rolls the stone away, scares the guards into irrelevance, and announces the resurrection of Jesus. On their way to tell the others, Jesus meets Mary, and she recognizes Him, though she thinks He is the gardener, at first (the 2nd Adam, waking from sleep in a Garden to find a woman with Him...). John says the women see the empty tomb, go back to disciples, and Peter and John go see, and also go away, all not yet understanding.

The guards report to the Jews, who circulate the stolen body story.

Two disciples heading home to Emmaus meet Jesus. Though they don't recognize Him, He teaches them all about Himself from the Word. They recognize Him in the breaking of bread.

Jesus re-appears in the Jerusalem upper room, teaching them from the Word, having them touch Him, and eating fish in front of them. He gives them His authority to give or withhold forgiveness.

He re-appears next week, to doubting Thomas, who stops doubting and worships Jesus as his Lord and God. The point of the Gospels is for us readers to also believe and worship Jesus.

The disciples go back to Nazareth. Peter goes fishing with the other disciples. Jesus enables them to catch fish, as they will convert the nations to Him, and He provides breakfast on the shore. He restores Peter by commissioning him to shepherd His flock.

The disciples see Jesus again in Galilee on a mountain. They worship Him, and are commissioned by Him to disciple all the nations by baptizing and teaching them. They are given power to do signs confirming their Gospel message. He then ascends to heaven.

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