1 John

Chapter 1
We proclaim Christ to you, who we saw, heard and touched, so you can have fellowship and joy with us and Him, too. God is light; we must leave our darkness and walk in His light, confessing our sins and receiving forgiveness.

Chapter 2
I say this so you won't sin, but if you do, you have an atoning sacrifice in Jesus, as does anyone who believes, not just us. But you can't claim His forgiveness if you don't seek to keep His commands. (Some object to adding "seek to" in there, but if you don't, you don't NEED forgiveness.) If you love the world and its desires you don't love God. False teachers have left us, denying Jesus is Messiah, showing they were never really with us. They don't know God. But you do, Jesus anointing each of you with His Spirit into knowledge of the truth.

Chapter 3
God loves us so much he has made us His children! And He is making us like His Son. Those who go on sinning aren't of God. The world hates you because you do righteousness. We know Jesus loves us because He died for us. Our love acts, too. His commandment we must keep is to believe in Him and love each other.

Chapter 4
The litmus test for discerning a true teacher/believer is if he says Jesus came in the flesh as God's Messiah. Love is our trademark, given us by God, who is love. We can't say we love God if we can't love our neighbor.

Chapter 5
God gave us life in His Son Jesus; the Spirit, the water and the blood testify to this. I write so you will know you have life. Those born of God don't go on in sin as before. We are in Christ, who is God and life.

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