1 Corinthians 13-16

Chapter 13
None of it matters without love. Gifts will pass away, but love won't.

Chapter 14
The gift of tongues is all right, but doesn't build up the church much. Desire the gifts that do. Prophesy in turn in church, so all can understand everything, women not taking part in evaluation of prophecy (though they pray in church - vs 11:5)

Chapter 15
The resurrection of Christ I preached is your only hope. He is the firstfruits of our own resurrection harvest, and will conquer all His enemies, even death. Naturalist objections to this resurrection are frivolous (as Jesus with the Saduccees - Matt. 22:29). All will be changed to glory, but not all will die, for death will lose its power at the last day. So endure in your labor, for it is not vain.
Chapter 16
Pace and plan your giving weekly until I come, so your gift to Jerusalem will be generous and not as painful. I can't come just now, but Timothy is coming; respect him. Apollos can't come now, though I urged him to. Stand firm. Respect men like Stephanus, the first converts in Greece. Greetings in the Lord Jesus!

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