Been reading...

I read two books recently.

1. Timeline, by Michael Crichton. This was my first Chrichton book, and I wasn't too impressed. I breezed through it, only reading it for the time travel aspect of the plot. Turned out to be a decent survey of medieval life, though.

2. Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen. As always, an obvious and yet subtle character study, especially of these two virtues. Marianne is all sensibility in the "responsive mainly/only to her outward senses" sense (!). Societal constraints mean little to her, only what she feels. John Dashwood is all sense in the "what will society expect and allow you to get away with" sense. Sympathy and compassion for others - a form of sensibility - mean little to him and his selfish wife. Elinor is a happy medium. She has compassion on those around her, but also knows when to keep a promise/secret or conform to custom.

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