Chapter 1
Bless God for blessing us in Christ. He lovingly chose us to be holy, adopted and forgiven heirs, with an inheritance waiting for us in heaven sealed by the Spirit.
I pray that you know the greatness of Christ and His salvation. He has all authority in heaven and earth, and we the Church are His body!

Chapter 2
We were all dead in sin, captive to Satan. But God made us alive with Christ, and seated us with Christ next to Himself. You didn't do this, God did.
You Gentiles had no hope before this, without God, His people or His covenant promises. But the blood of Jesus reconciles you to God and bringsyou near, with the Jews, all citizens of God's house, one holy temple with Jesus as the cornerstone. The Spirit makes this all possible.

Chapter 3
I (Paul) am a steward of this mystery: Gentile inclusion in God's plan. My mission is to preach Christ to Gentiles, so God's wisdom will be shown to heavenly powers.
I pray you will be filled with God's wisdom to know the deep love of Christ. To God be glory, in the church and in Christ.

Chapter 4
Keep living as you were called: bear with each other in peace, in one body. Jesus gives His church gifts: apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers - so we grow up into a loving-truth speaking body, fit for Christ.
Don't live as the Gentiles do, in ignorant sensuality. Speak edifying truth from a kind and forgiving heart. Work honestly.

Chapter 5
Don't be sexually impure. Sing to one another and to God. Wives are to husbands as the Chursh is to Christ. So wives respect and submit to husbands, and husbands love them sacrificially, purifying and beautifying their wives, as Christ is doing with his church.

Chapter 6
Children are to obey and honor their parents, and parents must not exasperate and provoke children, but train and enculturate them into Christ. Slaves/employees: work hard for your earthly masters, as for your heavenly Lord. Masters/employers: don't threaten or exasperate or play favorites among them. Put on God's armor to fight against Satan and his tricks: truth, righteousness, readiness of the Gospel, faith, salvation, the Spirit, the Word of God and prayer. Pray for us, too. Tychicus comes with this letter to tell you how we are doing.

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